Thursday, 25 October 2012

Judge Dredd Helmet

So ive finally decided to throw up some pictures of my Judge Dredd Helmet!
Originally i had wanted to make a more comic style version (and started a Pepakura version which ill post about another time) but after seeing Dredd3D and loving that helmet, i decided to give it ago.

As i had a short deadline i decided i needed a head start. Over on The RPF a member who goes by the name of TheDoctor made himself a comic style judge dredd helmet (Link!) using a BMX helmet he bought at tesco's for a tenner!

I knew instantly that this was what i needed, it was the headstart i was looking for. The question was now if i could apply it to a more Dredd3D style helmet.

So i bought the same BMX helmet, took it home, took off the straps and stripped the polystyrene padding so i was left with just a shell. I took careful measurements of what angles i needed the helmet to sit at to make it the right shape and so i could see where to cut for my eye level. 

Once i cut the rough shape of the front of the helmet (not including the crosses) i used thick card to shape out the front, sides and back and hardend it with fiberglass. Once cured i slapped on a load of u-pol polyester repair putty. It took two good layers and alot of sanding to get it smooth before i started on the raised edges.

Of course, like a complete knob i didnt take any pictures! I literally only have where i am at now, which is the start of the raised area's of the helmet.

I threw on some card crosses for reference but its not looking too bad so far i think.

A Side view!

With a bit more work its going to turn out awesome.
Heres a rough mockup to have a look at. Its literally just some quick editing to get a rough idea!

Im also hoping that ill be able to mold them and get a few sold for some dosh but ill post about that later!



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