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'Lo all!

My name is Steve, im just a regular bloke in his twenties who lives in Northern Ireland. Also, i am most definately a supreme geek. Not your average 'run of the mill' chic geek you see nowadays with their fake glasses and spongebob t-shirts, a proper geek whos into seriously nerdy things.
I grew up with technology, my father - a horder of gadgetry, brought me up in a world of computers and computer science. I got my first computer before i was a teenager, it had a 4gb HDD and 256mb of RAM which is less than my ipod classic! But still cool back then.

Naturally i got into video games. I had various different consoles growing up, ranging from Amiga's, Sega's, Playstations, Xbox's and so on. Anything tech orientated and i loved it.
Even now im still into video games, but honestly, what self respecting dude in his mid twenties isnt. Unless your Amish or something. In which case you really on the wrong blog. Infact, why are you on a computer at all?! Go milk a cow or something.

Aswell as having a love of video games and technology, i love reading, writing, music (especially producing) and movies! I could narrow it down to specifics, genres etc but then wheres the discovery for you, my reader (depending of course if you've even read this far in which case i congratulate you)

Which brings me to this blog.

Movie prop replicas. An odd hobby indeed! I collect and create them and sometimes sell them for a bit of dosh, but mostly i just make things for my collection. If you want big tutorials or any information on how there made, then you need to go to this place;
The RPF 
it stands for The Replica Prop Forum and some of the things you will find on there are absolutely bitchin'.

If your ever interested in any of my own builds or want to get in contact with me, feel free to fire me an email or add me on bakebook!



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